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KAARS Despite its small size, candlestick KAARS is a striking figure in any interior. This candlestick does well on his own, but is also very sturdy with several at once. KAARS has a height of 7 cm and a diameter of 6 cm, made of ceramics and available in nine colors; white, jade, stone, graphite, camel,…



UP SIDE DOWN These handmade candlesticks UP SIDE DOWN are reversible and suitable for various dimensions candles.   Cleaning is simple; you remove residual candle wax with boiling hot water. Do not clean the candlestick with sharp objects, this will damage the surface. retail pricesizeMaterialretail price UP SIDE DOWN      €27,95 model  nr.1 €27.95Read more…


Holland textiel

Holland textiel Original Dutch woven cloth (pompdoek)! Old Dutch spheres revive with this sturdily, grey checkered tablecloth on your table. This tablecloth is available in 2 sizes.   MADE IN HOLLAND retail pricesizesizeretail price 250/150cm   €  89,95 350/150cm   €109,95 size 250cm x 150cm 350cm x 150cm size 100% cotton