Handmade tableware of white glazed ceramic.
Modern design, with our name hidden in the 19 dots.
100% attention, 100% craftsmanship.

Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.
Earthenware: beware of high temperature changes!

espresso      € 4,50

latte              € 7,50

plate S         € 7,50

plate M        € 9,50

9.50Read more

plate XL       €39,95

39.95Read more

espresso         6cm diam. x 6.5cm h
latte               7.5cm diam. x 10cm h
plate S           15cm diam. x 1,1cm h
plate M          20cm diam. x 1,1cm h
plate XL         35cm diam. x 2,9cm h

white glazed ceramic (earthenware)

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