Handmade ceramic serving platter.

Ceramics are essentially connected to the four primal elements: earth – water – air – fire. The cycle from the formation of the clay to the fired object is a closed circle. Clay forms from rocks broken down by erosion. The hard rock becomes a malleable mass. Man intervenes, shapes the clay according to his idea. With fire he hardens the clay again into a rocky substance.

contemporary, authentic, original and unique craftsmanship.

Each platter is made in commission and provided with its own unique number.
Delivery time is therefore variable.

Available in two sizes; ±30cm diam. & ± 50cm diam.

PLAT 30  –  €149,00

PLAT 50  –  €199,00

±30cm diam. x 2cm h
±50cm diam. x 2cm h

white glazed ceramic

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